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The IT industry has changed dramatically in recent years, and took a major turn in 2020, when companies had to turn to the cloud to make telecommuting accessible. To support this change and this evolution in the world of work, all IT sectors are involved.

The labor shortage and the highly competitive market make it increasingly difficult for companies to find qualified personnel to supporttheir growth.

Performance Recruitment can support you in your search for good candidates. Our innovative and human approach allows us to stand out from candidates already continuously solicited and approached.

Are you running out of time to find a highly qualified resourcein Information Technology?

Would you like to explore the job market discretelyandconfidentially, find a job that matches your ambitions andget a fresh start in your career?

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Performance Recruitment has been specializing since 2016in the ITsector, with undeniable success, since our placement rate is close to 95%.

Our team of specialists is actively recruiting for the following positions:

  • Development
    • C #, .Net, C ++, Java, Web Developer
    • Software Architect
    • Data Specialist
    • Project Manager
  • Business
    • Business project Manager
    • Business Analyst
  • Infrastructure
    • IT Technician N1, N2, N3
    • Network Administrator
    • Team Leader
    • IT Coordinator
    • IT Director
    • Security Analyst
    • Security Architect
    • Project Manager

* The masculine is only used here to lighten the text.

Information Technology jobs offer

Job ID
Technical Support Advisor
Permanent I.T. Performance Beauport
Computer Technician
Permanent I.T. Performance Quebec
R&D Software Quality Control Manager
Permanent I.T. Performance Saint-Hubert
Senior Advisor - Microsoft Dynamics 365
Permanent I.T. Performance Saint-Césaire
Programmer / Senior Analyst
Permanent I.T. Performance Lévis
ERP Integrator
Permanent I.T. Performance Saint-Georges
IT Account Manager
Permanent I.T. Performance Montreal